Connecting brains that is the original and winning idea that our Founder and Chairman Giovanni Battista Vescovo has founded the success of PROMOSTUDIO and of its annual event Nobels Colloquia® on.

Edgar Morin

Facing the complexity of the world we live in and its contradictions, knowledge cannot be exclusively specialized and fragmentary.

PROMOSTUDIO is the all Italian, "piccola ma bella" (small but lean and nice), consulting company that was founded in 1985 in Venice, specialized in executive education, finance and economics.
PROMOSTUDIO delivers the most advanced and innovative management techniques, as well as the most fascinating thoughts of the best international economists to the professional and entrepreneurial worlds.
The idea was born of the fruitful encounter with MIT professor Franco Modigliani, the 1985 Nobel Laureate in Economics, whom Vescovo had a very close professional and personal collaboration with, until 2003.

Again, the idea of an international event that involves several Nobel Laureates in Economics as well as renown economists, was conceived together with Franco Modigliani, but also with Robert Solow and Amartya Sen: a venue where such minds can meet, debate, and exchange ideas on current topics. The idea took inspiration of Edgar Morin's thought "Challenging Ideas for a Common Destiny".

In 2001, on the occasion of the 100 years of the Nobel Foundation, PROMOSTUDIO organized the first edition of Nobels Colloquia® where 12 Nobel Laureates joined, flying in from directly from Stockholm.

Nobels Colloquia® has been a great opportunity right from its start, an international and prestigious event, one of its kind, also because it is a free event subject only to invitation.
It is devoted to the business community, to institutions and to the financial and entrpreneurial worlds, yet it is meant for university economics students as well, and indeed they join it in the hundreds each and every year.

The topics developed throughout the years have always been the most relevant ones at the time of the event, both on a financial and economic level, and on a social and ethical level.
Nobels Colloquia® has enriched and broadened all along the years. Management seminars led by world renown experts from the best American and European shools have been developed side by side the economic sessions.
The new event format has allowed to foster a very useful and even necessary dialogue between disciplines that normally seldom talk to each other, making the event a great venue of economic and financial information, as well as executive education both for companies and young talents: here theory and practice meet, so as to provide sustainable, clear and innovative ideas.
Beyond economic and management sessions, Nobels Colloquia® reckon on the intervention of panelists, that is executives, entrepreneurs, banking system and event partner/sponsors managers, who share their hands-on experience.
For such features Nobels Colloquia® has been able to attain great visibility throughout the years, thanks also to a growing national and international media coverage and to first class media partners that have supported the event, granting interviews and promotion both before, during and after the event, as well as providing very informative and challenging journalists-moderators.

Nobels Colloquia® has therefore been able to create a real and unique winning synergy: information and understanding for the common people, training and networking for companies, communications and promotion for its partners.

An Agenda for a New Europe

This is the 13th edition of the Nobels Colloquia event, the international meeting aimed at an exchange of views between Nobel Laureates and famous economists, organized by Ca' Foscari University of Venice and Promostudio.

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